Thursday, March 29, 2007

More awards for gambling helpline

just got news that the gambling cards for the National Council on Problem Gambling won some awards. :-D

1) Adfest - Bronze for Outdoor, Gold for Best Use of Illustration & a nomination for Illustration.
2) WorldPress Award - Gold for Single Illustration (Joker), 3 Silvers for single Ace, Diamonds & Joker campaign. 2 Bronze (campaign) for Art Direction & Public Service.

you can check out the winners at

click here to see the cards


Chris said...

Love the cards!

hockstuffs said...

kheong hee keong hee! chud mia liao!

Jasper Wong said...

Amazing! I love it! you should come out one set, all the "win" symbol or illustration and sell it to all the casino. IR is coming:) 2009 Dec or late 2010 Jan.

"win" symbol got market, keychains A or Flash, can push to IR, las vegas etc, is a good collection ...

(Problem Gambling) market very small